This is a repository that tracks all the scripts and other tools for removing DRM from ebooks that I could find.

Updated 1 month ago

This lab provides Jupyter notebooks for working with Austrian open government data and other auxiliary open data sources.

Updated 6 months ago

This is an unofficial list of organisations that have set up a Mastodon instance under their own brand / identity.

Updated 5 days ago is a tool for verifying the connection between Mastodon and Twitter accounts.

Updated 4 days ago

VK3CPU Calculators

Updated 1 week ago

Extendable ActivityPub JS/TS models with official docs

Updated 7 days ago

MediaCMS is a modern, fully featured open source video and media CMS, written in Python/Django and React, featuring a REST API.

Updated 3 days ago

greatape is a free social audio & video social-media platform that can be used via an app. greatape is a Fediverse technology that supports Federation via ActivityPub.

Updated 8 hours ago

High-fidelity capture of Twitter threads as sealed PDFs -

Updated 3 days ago

Scribe - An Alternative Medium Frontend

Updated 4 weeks ago

REDIRECTOR plugin config. Automatically redirect content based on user-defined rules.

Updated 2 weeks ago

The Big List of ActivityPub Projects!

Updated 1 year ago

Development environment for Z80-based computers.

Updated 4 months ago

Various little tools Python for interacting with Mastodon. You will need to register for a access token on your Mastodon instance. Ask your admin if you're unsure.

Updated 1 week ago

An alternative web client for Mastodon, focused on speed and simplicity.

Updated 7 hours ago

Web based management to catalog things including state and location etc. using Python/Django.

Updated 1 month ago

Toot is a CLI and TUI tool for interacting with Mastodon instances from the command line.

Updated 18 hours ago

Got an IndieWeb site? Want to interact with federated social networks like Mastodon, Hubzilla, and more? Bridgy Fed is for you.

Updated 3 hours ago

Updated 3 weeks ago