The MicroPython project
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Jim Mussared 94beeabd2e py/obj: Convert make_new into a mp_obj_type_t slot. 3 weeks ago
libc shared/libc/string0: Don't include string.h, and provide __memcpy_chk. 11 months ago
memzip all: Update to point to files in new shared/ directory. 1 year ago
netutils shared/netutils/dhcpserver: Match default DNS to server IP. 3 months ago
readline shared/readline: Use MP_REGISTER_ROOT_POINTER(). 3 months ago
runtime py/obj: Convert make_new into a mp_obj_type_t slot. 2 weeks ago
timeutils mimxrt/machine_rtc: Start RTC at boot and set datetime if not set. 6 months ago
upytesthelper ports: Add '.frozen' as the first entry in sys.path. 10 months ago lib,shared: Update README's based on contents of these dirs. 1 year ago

This directory contains libraries, utilities and helper code developed specifically for this project. The code is intended to be portable and usable by any port.