The MicroPython project
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Jim Mussared ba3652f15d lib/micropython-lib: Update submodule to latest. 6 days ago
asf4@84f56af132 lib/asf4: Point submodule to latest commit on circuitpython branch. 11 months ago
axtls@531cab9c27 lib/axtls: Update to latest axtls 2.1.5 wih additional commits. 1 year ago
berkeley-db-1.xx@35aaec4418 berkeley-db-1.xx: Update, allow to override MINCACHE, DEFPSIZE. 5 years ago
btstack@c8b9823f68 lib/btstack: Update to c8b9823 for USB HCI reset timeout fix. 2 years ago
cmsis/inc lib/cmsis: Upgrade to CMSIS 5.5.1. 3 years ago
crypto-algorithms lib/crypto-algorithms: Move crypto-algorithms code from extmod to lib. 1 year ago
cyw43-driver@2ab6ca93f9 lib/cyw43-driver: Update driver to latest version. 2 months ago
fsp@55bffd3a71 lib/fsp: Add renesas fsp git repository as submodule. 5 months ago
libffi@e9de7e35f2 lib/libffi: Add libffi as a submodule. 7 years ago
libhydrogen@5c5d513093 lib/libhydrogen: Add new libhydrogen submodule. 2 years ago
libm lib/libm: Reduce size of static two_over_pi array. 2 years ago
libm_dbl lib/libm_dbl: Add round.c source code. 2 years ago
littlefs lib/littlefs: Remove assignment of variables to themselves. 4 months ago
lwip@6ca936f6b5 lib/lwip: Update lwIP to v2.1.3, tag STABLE-2_1_3_RELEASE. 1 month ago
mbedtls@1bc2c9cb8b lib/mbedtls: Switch to currently latest commit of LTS branch v2.16. 1 year ago
mbedtls_errors lib/mbedtls_errors: Add code to patch mbedtls for shortened error strs. 2 years ago
micropython-lib@d0f97fc218 lib/micropython-lib: Update submodule to latest. 6 days ago
mynewt-nimble@42849560ba extmod/nimble: Update to NimBLE v1.4. 11 months ago
nrfx@7a4c9d946c lib/nrfx: Upgrade to nrfx v2.0.0. 2 years ago
nxp_driver@fa5a554c79 lib/nxp_driver: Update nxp_driver to v2.10. 4 months ago
oofatfs lib/oofatfs: Update oofatfs library to fix issue with logic not. 4 years ago
pico-sdk@2e6142b15b lib/pico-sdk: Update to version 1.4.0. 3 months ago
re1.5 lib/re1.5: Distinguish between subject start-of-line and start-of-srch. 7 months ago
stm32lib@a9f8fee7bb lib/stm32lib: Update library to get L1 v1.10.3, and some other fixes. 1 week ago
tinytest Revert "lib/tinytest: Clean up test reporting in the presence of std..." 3 years ago
tinyusb@868f2bcda0 lib/tinyusb: Update to the most recent master. 3 months ago
uzlib lib/uzlib: Move uzlib code from extmod to lib. 1 year ago
wiznet5k@0803fc519a lib/wiznet5k: Add submodule for Wiznet Ethernet drivers. 4 months ago lib,shared: Update README's based on contents of these dirs. 1 year ago

This directory contains third-party, low-level C libraries and SDKs. Libraries that do not target any specific platform are generally chosen based on them being independent and efficient.