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.. image:: ./front/src/assets/logo/logo-full-500.png
:alt: Funkwhale logo

A self-hosted tribute to


Getting help

There are several places to get help or get in touch with other members of the community:


Contribution guidelines as well as development installation instructions
are outlined in `CONTRIBUTING <CONTRIBUTING.rst>`_.

Security issues and vulnerabilities

If you found a vulnerability in Funkwhale, please report it on our Gitlab instance at ``_, ensuring
you have checked the ``This issue is confidential and should only be visible to team members with at least Reporter access.
`` box.

This will ensure that only maintainers and developers have access to the vulnerability. Thank you for your help!


Translators willing to help can refer to `TRANSLATORS <TRANSLATORS.rst>`_ for instructions.

Code of Conduct

`Our Code of Conduct <>`_ applies to all the community spaces, including our GitLab instance. Please, take a moment to read it.