Updated 2 hours ago

Calculate the position of the Sun, Moon and Milky Way in order to plan the position and time for an photograph.

Updated 3 days ago

SondeHub (and SondeHub-Amateur) Python Library

Updated 4 weeks ago

balon tracker: rpi zero ublox gps MTX2 radiometrix trx

Updated 2 years ago

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HabBoy is a linux/webApp to help observe and chase after High Altitude Balloons. (https://ukhas.org.uk/)

Updated 1 year ago

Planetiler (pla·nuh·tai·lr, formerly named "Flatmap") is a tool that generates Vector Tiles from geographic data sources like OpenStreetMap.

Updated 9 hours ago

decode RTTY telemetry from High Altitude Balloon and upload it to UKHAS Habitat

Updated 1 year ago

SSD1306 micropython

Updated 2 years ago

micropyGPS is a full featured GPS NMEA sentence parser for use with MicroPython and the PyBoard embedded platform. It's also fully compatible with Python 3.x

Updated 9 months ago

rpi pico + Ublox Neo-6M GPS + lcd SSD1306 micropython

Updated 5 months ago

pico-debug runs on one core in a RP2040 and provides a USB CMSIS-DAP interface to debug the other core

Updated 2 months ago

Minimal WSPR beacon using Si5351Arduino library

Updated 5 years ago

Silicon Laboratories Si446x API C library

Updated 8 years ago

SPdxl is modification of dxlAPRS.

Updated 3 weeks ago

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ToolJet is an open-source low-code framework to build and deploy internal tools quickly without much effort from the engineering teams.

Updated 48 minutes ago

FM Transmitter. Use the Raspberry Pi as an FM transmitter. Works on every Raspberry Pi board.

Updated 2 months ago

RS41HUP (Ham Use Project)

Updated 5 years ago

WSPR daemon for RTL receivers

Updated 2 weeks ago

Polska część Geminispace.

Updated 5 days ago

LoRa tracker with KISS TNC capability

Updated 11 months ago